The Original Ascent of Mt Banks

The first long serious climb in Australia was the ascent the face of Mt Banks (then usually called King George). This was an incredible ascent for the time – 1952. I have done this route myself four times and I have never found it to be real easy (it is only graded 15). The last time I climbed it was in 1999, soon after I had climbed Toyland (grade 25). I still found it hard and I lost the route. I stupidly didn’t bother take my own route description shown below – I thought I could remember it. Our party of 6 climbers got benighted on the route and then we had to retreat. I had forgotten precisely how huge this whole face is.

The purpose of this webpage is to challenge young up-and-coming climbers to attempt this old route and so appreciate what some of these old climbers managed to do. The following pictures show you all you need to know.

This photo shows the route. But you should also study the diagram from my old guide-book. This shows the escape ledges and old bivouac sites as well.

This is the description of the route from my old guide-book.

This is my description from my old guide-book.

This picture shows how we used to climb when I started climbing
– way back in 1958.

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Updated on 14/11/2016.