Stanmore – 1986-1999

Stanmore, Sydney (age – 45-59)

Jane and I returned to Sydney and we bought a superb house in Stanmore. Rebecca and David were born. I worked at Sydney University. But I fear life continued in the same way for me. Jane and I separated. I got job with GIO in the actuarial department.
Later I had another wonderful child (Emily) with Vinie. I just accept the way my life turns out. But most people consider me to be a very suspect person as regards marriage. And the evidence tends to point this way.

My major activity during period was my “Society of Choice”. I always find I have a lot of spare time at work – so most of this spare time at work was devoted to my “Society of Choice”. But, at the end in 1996 and 1997, I did not work in order to write the whole of this large work up. I had learnt to live quite frugally and I had saved a little bit of money as well. But in fact I never worked again (I found I had enough money not to). The next 3 years then were mostly devoted to climbing (inspite of my age I found I became quite remarkably good again).
Each of the 23 chapters of this “Society of Choice – book(pdf) starts with a story from my life. So, if you wish to know what I was doing during this period, then you can largely simply read all these different stories.
“The Running Set” was also mostly done during this period.

Jane, Rebecca and me in front of our glorious new house

Darren, Naomi, Jane, Rebecca and Me in our new back-garden

Jane and Rebecca

Me and David

David and Me

Me and a slightly older David

David and Rebecca

Rebecca and David

Ben, David, Tricia, Mathew, Rebecca, Me and David at Darling Harbour

Peter, Rebecca, Vicki, David and others at Era Beach

Mine and Peter’s families camped at Mt Buffalo

David and his family were there as well.

David and Rebecca playing a game of roller-blade hockey

David and Me playing

Rebecca and Me playing

We occassionally went camping in the snow

David on stilts (made by me)

Tim, Me and Darren on a walk (while we camped at Bue Lake) About an hour after this photo was taken, I broke my leg. I thought I could glissade down some hard snow using a temporary ice-axe. I was wrong. I do sometimes make a few mistakes.

Ben, Tim, David and me at the end of Wallangambe Canyon

David being invested at scouts

Tim and family after graduating

Naomi after graduating

Me with Ted Hartley (the old bush bum)

Naomi after graduating

Judy and me at a colonial ball
Judy is one of my oldest friends

Vinie took this photo of me, David and Rebecca. We were all doing part of the
Sydney coast line walk. Later Vinie and I completed the whole of this coast line walk
(taking several week-ends).

Vinie and I going to a ball

I, Vinie with baby Emily

Emily, Vinie and Rebecca

David, Vinie, Emily and Rebecca in my old flat in Stanmore

Emily a few years later

Stephen, Emily and Me in Naomi’s and Darren’s back garden

Same again at a different angle

Rebecca, Me, Mum, Naomi, Darren, Emily and Tim in Mum’s flat in Canberra

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