Stanmore – 1962-1965

This must be just a small webpage. Many of my activies during this period are described in all “My Climbing” webpages. So, with doing my PhD as well, there wasn’t much time left over for “family life”.

My friends at this time were mostly climbers, and many of these friends can be seen in the following pictures:

I will do my best to name all these people here. Some of the people can be seen more clearly in the following pictures. I will go from left to right but when I’m unsure (or forgotten) I will put in a question mark.
Paul Driver, Sandra Cosgrove, Les Waters, Chris Regan, Ken Lewis, Me, Dave Tanner (who I’m holding up), Meg Hailstone, Ted Batty (behind), Ian Logan, ?, Little Shirl, John Ewbank, Lou Westren, Trevor Westren, Eric Saxby, Bob Ryan, Jim Sutton.

Me with typical old gear

Me and Peter Ryan

Me again

Eric Saxby and Wes Kilham (my best man at my wedding)

John Ewbank at Lindfield

John Ewbank at Sublime Point

Noela and I got to know each other very well during a wonderful week’s holiday at Blue Lake. (I very nearly burnt the tent down – which belonged to Noela.)

Noela and me at Lindfield

Noela and me in Claustral Canyon

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Updated on 15/11/2016.