Sports, Games and Running

As regards sports and related items I am fairly a normal sort of person. So there is nothing very exciting to tell you here.

In sport, I was always very enthusiastic – but not real good at anything. At school I liked and played Rugby and Soccer. I was always a keen planner about how we should play a game. But, when there was any strong action going on, I always found a good reason for not getting in too closely – on the basis that my puny frame couldn’t help very much. And I wasn’t real keen on getting hurt.
         After school, I enjoyed and played a lot of tennis. I played a nice social game – but no more. I loved chasing difficult balls. I have a very dog-like nature.
         The only sporting item I was really good at was obstacle races. But obstacle races only occurred in the scouts.

I liked board games like draughts, chess and GO very much. I played chess a lot at school and for five years I was the school champion. But when I left school, I stopping playing and took up climbing instead. Climbing became my sport and I have joined many clubs. I played GO when other people wished to play. I talk about these activities in more detail in “A Better Way to Solve Problems – with Computers”.

In my last few years at high school, a group of three of us took to running over Hampstead Heath instead of the normal weekly periods devoted to sports. Hampstead Heath was a couple of miles away, so these runs were usually about 8 miles long. So this was a substantial piece of exercise. This running formed a habit with me and eventually this was to result in this being the basis of my daily exercise.
          Till I got married, cycling to work and regular climbing was sufficient exercise for me. (Although I would occasionally go for runs.) But, after a couple of years of marriage, I started to put on weight. I had to take myself in. So I formed the habit of running about 5 km each weekday and 15 km on Sunday.

Dougy and me relaxing after a Cityto-Surf race

Me and Dougy Litchfield after a City-to-Surf race

Dougy and I used to run together on Sunday mornings and we joined in on the City-to-Surf when it first started (I did the first 10 years). In about 1974 I got quite keen and actually ran the race in 53 minutes.

When I took up climbing more seriously again in the 1990s, I had to drop some of this running (it took time and it wasn’t necessary).

When I was young in London, I loved going roller-skating around around the local streets. Usually every weekend, I would go for a journey that would take an hour. So, when roller blades were invented, I was very keen to try them out. And what I did was to commute from my flat in Stanmore to my work-place at GIO, near Wynyard, every working day using my roller blades. This adds up to 16 km of roller-blading every working day for two years. There are not many people who have done this. This was in 1994 to 1995. Then in the following 5 years I continued to use my roller-blades a lot as a means of transport to my various club meeting and dance venues. Photos of me and my roller-blades can be seen in my “Stanmore – 1986-1999” webpage.

Me doing chin-ups on my bed

Then, when I broke my back, my running had to stop completely. But I still try to keep up a daily exercise regime. So before breakfast I spent 20 minutes on my bed doing sets of push-ups and chin-ups. Then before morning tea I do a slightly longer version of these sets (30 mins). After morning tea, I have relaxed time outside on my wheel-chair going up some hills (30 mins). Then in the afternoon, I have a slightly vigorous session going up some slightly longer hills (40 mins).

Me doing push-ups

This is the street where I do most of my afternoon exercise. It looks flat in this photo – but it is not – it rises at a nice even rate. I go up and down here 4 times every day.

So I do my very best to keep myself healthy. I have to – if I am to complete all the work I want to do. It will take a long time to persuade our world to think about taking on a saner form of living.

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