Selfish or A-Saint

This cartoon shows just how difficult this subject is.

We naturally think that “selfish” people are “bad” people. But we are all selfish in the way we like to accumulate money for ourselves. We can’t all be selfish because then this word would be meaningless. Besides – we could need this wealth to look after our old-age or to let our children inherit it.
When we were young, we were taught that some people were selfish, because some children wouldn’t share their toys with us – while the rest of us were playing and sharing happily together. But in later life the question of whether a person is selfish or not, becomes a much more difficult problem.

This cartoon also points out how difficult this subject is.

But, when we die, we certainly cannot take our wealth with us. All that remains of us, after we die, is people’s thoughts about us. And the main thought would be whether this person was a benefit to the people they knew or to world as a whole. This collective knowledge could be called this person’s “reputation”. So a person’s final good reputation could be conceived to be the objective of this person’s life.

I certainly wouldn’t fancy being God.

We are now in a position to define a “saint”. So a “saint” would be a person who spent their life in such a way that their good works were only really appreciated after they were dead. Under this criteria both Buddha and Jesus can truly regarded to be saints, because their good works were really appreciated after they died. So this concept seems to be correct in these two practical well-known cases.
But, why should I, a normal practical sort of guy, be discussing this highly esoteric subject. Well, I have a horrible feeling that I might be destined to become a saint myself. And I don’t certainly want to become a saint.
My problem is that, for the past 37 years, I have spent most of my life devising green political systems that could give much greater variety to the world. My new communities would give all their members an equal opportunity to progress in their world. This would be happier and more fulfilling way to live. This is what I think.

This my Town-Centre with its adjoining villages.

But the vast major of people feel that this work of mine is a complete waste of time. These people like the world the way it currently is. So I should have been spending my time helping the activities I know very well – education and welfare. So I am been entirely selfish spending my time on this pet esoteric project of mine.

This picture shows my monetary system. It must be a little complex.

Now, if my work is finally noticed and some people act on it, then I could become a saint. But, if this does not happen, then I could be regarded as a mean, introspective, selfish, old bugger. So whether a person becomes a “selfish person” or “a saint” is a very dubious question.

And I think this circumstance could probably apply to most people. It is safer not to image anyone is either a saint or just selfish. It all depends what will happen in the future – which we don’t know.

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Updated on 15/11/2016.