This picture comes from “Coral Island”, when the three young heroes manage to arrive from a ship-wreck to this uninhabited island.

When I was fairly young, I was very inspired by books like “Coral Island” and “Swiss Family Robinson”. So I loved reading how people could feed and look after themselves in very primitive circumstances.
Then later I loved Kipling’s stories “Kim” and “The Brushwood Boy”. (I have never had a very sophisticated taste in reading.) But the story that affected me most of all was a Science Fiction short-story called “One”. (I am not sure of this name and I don’t even know the author. I can’t find the story on the Internet now.)
This story was set in an authoritarian state like “1984”. Here the hero writes a report, which he thinks is rather good. But the authorities recognise that this character is developing an “ego” – so he is brainwashed and brought back into line. But this guy’s ego continues – but in a more subtle manner. So this “one” character is breaking the “system”. Because of him, people start to recognise that eventually this centralised authoritarian system will break down.

This is how Kipling’s story starts.

By themselves, I suppose none of these stories mean very much. But taken together, for me they defined what my life should be like. I wanted to be different. (A bit like Kipling’s “Old Man Kangaroo”.) I definitely did not want normal success in life. I did not want be a professor, wealthy, a famous leader or even a great athlete. My dream was to do something different from all other people on Earth. So it would have to be something on the fringe of normal accepted civilised life. But I didn’t know what this could be.
After my first degree I left the UK to return to Australia by sea. It was a 7-week journey so my plans were that I should start writing a story on this journey. And this story would demonstrate a good “fringe” dream. I have a good imagination and I had already formed several complex stories in my head. So I thought I could write this story quite easily.
One day on the boat I duly sat down at a desk, pen in hand, to start writing. But to my horror, nothing came into my head. I tried thinking for quite a few days – but nothing came. I had to give up. So after getting to Australia and travelling around awhile, I had to join the system again. I couldn’t think of anything else to do.
So I did the easiest thing. I enrolled in the Basser Computing Dept in the School of Physics at Sydney University to do a PhD. My degree results at UCL were very good so that getting a grant was no problem. This delayed the evil time of deciding what to do with my life for another 4 years.

In fact it took me many, many years to work out the fulfilment of my dream. I finally thought I had completed this work in 1997 when I finished my “Society of Choice” book. But I was wrong. I spent the next few years happily working out the plots for possible stories. (I now had no problems now in imagining good possible plots.) But, in 2004 when I finally settled down to write my first full story on my lap-top in detail, I realised that my “Society of Choice” book was useless. This book was far too large and complex. I had to spend another 2 years forming my “Green Living” book before I could start my first story. It needs a huge amount of time to work out a practical alternative way of living, which everyone can understand.

This is how Kiplings story ends. “Old Man Kangaroo” has gone through a huge amount of suffering and he has completely changed his shape. Perhaps the same situation will apply to me (and to all of us).

I have now more-or-less fulfilled my dream. But, as you might imagine, I am still not satisfied (no normal person is ever completely satisfied with their life).
You might remember that my dream did not say anything about my worldly success. OK – I didn’t want too much success – but a little bit of appreciation of my friends about what I have done wouldn’t go astray.
The normal mark of success is to have your written works published. Well I never really expected this. I am not a good writer and I am plugging a message that the current world most definitely does not want to hear. So I can’t expect my work to be published.
My hope has only been that just a few people will read my books. And a few people do read my books – so this is OK. But when I question such people then it rapidly becomes clear that they only things, which they remember, are the bits, which they don’t like.
Now let me first state the obvious. All political kinds of systems will have different advantages and disadvantages. So, if people only remember the disadvantages of my systems, then there is no chance at all that such people will take my systems seriously. (My work is not just political – it is about self-sufficiency and related items. But, I have to admit, everything I have done takes a while to comprehend. After all I have spent more than 30 years working fairly constantly on the subject.)
As an example, currently all people expect to be able to use their own money just as they like. So, in the New Testament, the Prodigal Son can spend all his money on anything he likes. But I must put limits on this spending. If a person carelessly wastes their birth-right, then they can ruin not just themselves but their children as well. If a person takes politics seriously, which I do, then they must put limits on such actions. So a political system cannot be all that simple and you must consider all the various advantages and disadvantages of any system.

But I know I can’t expect too much of a reader in taking my work seriously. But I can dream. So my dream now is just that one person will read my work and take the work seriously. And, after considering the matter carefully for a period of time, such a person would be prepared to act. I personally now have plenty of money so I could use to financially help a very small community get started (up to a million dollars). But this money would include my own “birth-right”. So I am going to be absolutely damn certain that this money is not being wasted. I physically can’t do much now with a broken back. But I would help a small community to get started as best I can.
So this is now my dream. It is now not a too extravagant dream – so there ought to be a chance that the dream could be fulfilled. Then this small community could expand. Then eventually the world could physically see (and study) a better and more sensible way to live.

On a different subject completely, there are also those dreams (and nightmares), which we have during the night. Now I, in my quiet diligent way, have gone out of my way to remember the best (and worst) of such dreams of mine. Here are four of them.

The first dream I can remember is the following. I was probably only four years old – this could be the first memory of my life. But I will now leave these dreams till I have more time.

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