My Advice to Young People

My first advice is that you should very wary of all advice – until you have carried out a cynical study of the reasons, which the giver might have for giving their advice. Thus the giver might want you to enter a field that will increase their own employment or increase their own status.
          And you must apply this criterion to my advice as well. My one excuse for me giving you advice is that my advice will be different from all the other advice you are likely to receive.

This photo shows my youngest son David using some stilts, which I made him. It is far better for young people to learn a simple skill like walking on stilts, rather than learning a lot of the rubbish, which they teach at school.

My next advice is that you should engage in all the activities, which you might enjoy. And these activities should often be done in preference to doing home-work. At school you should work at the subjects, which you enjoy and which you can understand could be useful in your future life. Otherwise at school you should just dream about the things you really want to do.
In all your activities you should try to make many friends. Then try to keep all these friends by remaining in contact with them. This applies particularly to ex-boy-friends or ex-girl-friends (and later to possibly ex-spouses). All these friends make up the scope and fullness of your life. They should not be forgotten.
I personally have made many, many friends in many activities. But I’m afraid I haven’t been very good at keeping in contact with them all.

My next piece of advice is something I found to be enormously important in my own life. This is to learn to live frugally. With careful study you will find you can live a very healthily life on very little money. Best of all, learn to live on less than the dole. I learnt to do this quite easily. But, if you are not working, you must be engaged in an activity, which you think could be useful in the future.

My next advice is – find out what you really like doing and try to make this the goal of your life. But it is very hard to find a good goal. It took me many years.

An important piece of advice is to – not expect too much of life. If you study past history carefully, then you will realise our modern expectations of life could be much too high. And your expectations of how your girl/boy-friend (or spouse) will help you in life could also be too high. And your expectations of your boss, your government or your local authorities could also be too high.
In general, if you want something better in life, you must either find a better alternative or create your requirement yourself.

Finally, for your own personal safety, try to be associated with your own source of your food. We can all live without our large houses and cars. We can even mostly live without public transport, energy, medical services and education (all primitive people managed to do this). But we can’t live without food. So, if disaster strikes, you should know your easiest access to food and how you can help in its production.

This then is my advice. So I would like some young people to have the option of “Not Having to Suck-up to our Current System”. I am sure no one else will give you advice like this.

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Updated on 14/11/2016.