Mill Hill – 1952-1961

Mill Hill, London (age – 11-21)

My Dad got a professorship at UCL so we moved to London. So here I received my Secondary and Tertiary education (primarily mathematics). I was very active in the Scouts and I started my climbing here.

This webpage simply contains my family photos for this period. My activities for this period are mostly described in my “My Cards”, “My Dreams”, “My Dad” and “Scouting” webpages.

This photo now shows what us five brothers now look like (Stephen, David, Russell, me and Clabon).

During this period I was mostly at Hendon County Grammar. I was very happy there. These are my school photos.

A class photo when we were all about 14 – I am on the far right

A class photo when we were all about 16
I am at the bottom sitting – third from the left.

A class photo when we were all about 17. There are more people now because the class incorporates the full year. I am standing on the far left.

This is all our teachers. On the whole I thought that they were a reasonable set of guys and I was tought well.

Us five brothers a little later (Me, Davis, Stephen, Russell and Clabon)

Me, Clabon (with Stephen on top) in our back garde

Stephen climbing our rope

Grandma and me in our back garden

My first passport photo

A later passport photo

Our family organised exchanges with French children of the same age. This photo shows Vincent (on the right) who was staying with us for 5 weeks. I then spent 5 weeks with his family in France.

Me when at university

Some of my uni friends

More of my uni friends

Still more of my uni friends

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