Glebe – 1975-1982

Glebe, Sydney (age – 35-42)

Noela and I separated. I now lectured at Macquarie University. I also occupied myself in a large number of folk activities.

My activities during this period are mostly described in my “Academic Activities”, “Bush-Walking”, “Dancing” and “Musical Activities” webpages.

This is a photo of a group of folk-dancers I took down Wallangambe Cayon.
(I am in the middle, Philip Grove is back-left and Chris Wilde is on the right. I’ve forgotten the others.)

Naomi and Tim in school uniform



Tim with his dog Aster

Tim in scout uniform

Me doing my stuff with the Sydney Morris Men

Me doing my stuff with my Blackwattle Morris team

Tim, Naomi and Aster looking like angels


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