Forming a Website like this

I would like to think that some people, after glancing at my website, would like to write a similar type of website – about their own lives and activities themselves. And I would like to help these people to do this. But it is not all that easy to do this. Own glorious capitalistic makes this task hard. Let me explain the situation.

This website is written using the Adobe “Dreamweaver”. In general Adobe packages are very good – but this is not so true of the Dreamweaver package. It has a bad reputation for reliability. And this is what I found out myself. But this is not so much Adobe’s fault. It is the fault of the global computer industry.

All industries like to keep all their workers fully employed. And at present a large number of people are employed helping people to create their own websites. These support people do not wish to loose their current employment. But these people would lose them employment if all people could easily create their own sites just by themselves. So the computer industry wisely makes sure that this situation will not happen. And this is how this is done.

In any word-processor there are 3 symbols, which are of crucial importance – they are: the “space” character, the “return” character and the “curser” symbol. But the computer industry, as a whole, makes sure that these characters are hard to see. And they have a good logic for this action. In normal writing these characters cannot be seen as well.
The other items that cannot be seen are the change of font characters when a font is changed. Naturally these symbols are too complex to be seen. But the crucial item is that, when a font changes, what user would really like to know is – in which font region is their curser currently in. And, in a website package, this information becomes even more important, because these font change symbols can define whether such a change refers to a file name or just ordinary text. This situation is rather important.

My solution would be that all these 5 items should all be clearly seen using different colours. So I would give: the space character a red dot in the middle; I would make the return character – a red thin downward arrow; and I would make the curser – a red line two pixels wide. Then I would make: the start change-of-font-symbol – a green line two pixels wide; and the end change-of-font-symbol – a blue line two pixels wide. With these character now all clear, all the errors, which occur so easily in Dreamweaver, would no longer occur. And so Dreamweaver would become a reliable product. These characters would use very little space in a line and they would rarely cause the the end of line to overlap into the space on the right hand line end.

But the computer industry avoids any competition at all over word processor packages. Microsoft Word reigns completely unchallenged by any of the bigger companies like Apple and Google. No company wants competition – so they all mutually support each other. So I’m afraid there is no chance of a word processor being produced which has these sensible features.

In fact, if you study the features of Dreamweaver carefully, then you will see there is very little reason for this package to contain more features than a normal word processor. Thus “the pointer system to a file” would be completely unnecessary, if people only used one name for a file (the safest thing then is always to just copy the file name and never type an independent name).
The evidence is that the computer industry is going to make sure that no one can easily create their own independent website.
Of course, now that computers are so much part of our lives, it should be the job of the education department to make sure that all students can put their work up onto the Internet easily. But I can’t see this job being done by this department in the near future.

If you were to use Dreamweaver in the limited way that I do, then my Graphics Designer, Chris Perry:, could teach you all you need to know in a couple days. But the problem then is – what do you do when things go wrong. This is the real problem.

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Updated on 11/11/2016.