Family photos

This webpage is very similar to my “My Life” webpage. But the pictures are all quite different and the photos are more family oriented.

My personal life is clearly divided into different periods – depending on where I lived. So you need to be aware of these various periods in terms of my age. (Later I will list all the webpages that give all the details of my activities during these periods e.g. “My Cards” and “My Dreams”.)

These periods then are:

A Family Gathering (I am second from the left looking mischievous)

1940-1951 – Mt Stromlo, Canberra (age – 0-11)

I spent my childhood in our family house very close to the observatory on Mt Stromlo. We were fairly self-sufficient there and I milked the goats. Looking back at this life, I realise I had a perfect childhood here. For relevant photos please click on “Mt Stromlo – 1940-1951“.

Us brothers - from the left - Russell, me, Stephen, Clabon and David.

1952-1961 Mill Hill, London (age – 11-21)

My Dad got a professorship at UCL so we moved to London. So here I received my Secondary and Tertiary education (primarily mathematics). I was very active in the Scouts and I started my climbing here. For relevant photos please click on “Mill Hill – 1952-1961“.

In 1964 Noela and I enjoyed a weeks holiday together camping at Blue Lake.

1962-1965 Stanmore, Sydney (age – 22-25)

I returned to Australia and did my PhD at Sydney University. I did most of my hard climbing during this period. For relevant photos please click on “Stanmore – 1962-1965“.

Our wedding

1965-1968 Oxford, UK (age – 25-28)

I married Noela and we went to the UK for the next 3 years. I continued my research at Oxford University and Culham Laboratory. I climbed with the OUMC quite a lot. Tim was born here. For relevant photos please click on “Oxford – 1965-1967“.

King George in the background, me, Tim on top, and Noela's pack on my back

1968-1975 Epping, Sydney (age – 28-35)

I mostly worked for Caltex Oil. Naomi was born here and family life now took a large part of my life. So there was less time for climbing. For relevant photos please click on “Epping – 1968-1975“.


On most years I organised a trip down Wollangambe. This is a family group.

1975-1982 Glebe, Sydney (age – 35-42)

Noela and I separated. I now lectured at Macquarie University. I also occupied myself in a large number of folk activities. For relevant photos please click on “Glebe – 1975-1982“.

This is the CV6 car which Jane and I used around Sheffield and also to have a holiday in Ireland.

1982-1985) Sheffield, UK (age – 42-45)

I married Jane and we went to the UK. Eventually we went to Sheffield where I did research at the University. This was a superb place for climbing and folk activities. For relevant photos please click on “Sheffield – 1983-1985“.

Emily, Vinie and Rebecca

1985-1999 Stanmore, Sydney (age – 45-59)

We returned to Sydney and we bought a superb house in Stanmore. Rebecca and David were born. I worked at Sydney University. But I fear life continued in the same way for me. Jane and I separated. I got job with GIO in the actuarial department.
Later I had another wonderful child (Emily) with Vinie. I just accept the way my life turns out. But most people consider me to be a very suspect person as regards marriage. And the evidence tends to point this way. For relevant photos please click on “Stanmore – 1986-1999“.

This photo was taken at an AMS performance last year. This includes most of my family.

2000 – present Ashfield, Sydney (age 60 – )

Finally I broke my back in a climbing accident. Eventually I bought a good flat in Ashfield. But my great physical fun life was now over. All I can now do is write – which I have always considered to be strictly work. But I still have my fun. I think out my story plots, where I imagine myself to be a gallant female (in rather suspect situations). I spend many, many happy hours reworking these plots to make the scenes to be as sexy as possible. I still get my perverse pleasures. For relevant photos please click on “Ashfield – 2000-2014“.

All the other important activities over my life are contained in the webpages:

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My Accident”, “A Time of Suffering”, “Dealing with the Problems of Paraplegia”, “My Advice to Young People”.

Besides these webpages, my three books contain items about my personal life. Thus, in my “Society of Choice – book(pdf), each of the 23 chapters starts with a relevant personal story from my life. And the third chapter of my “Green Living – book(pdf) (“How this Book came to be Written”) also tells a lot about my previous life. And the opening chapter of my “A Special Period to stop Climate Change – book(pdf) tells you much about my current life as well.

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