Epping – 1968-1975

Epping, Sydney (age – 28-35)

During this period I mostly worked for Caltex Oil. Naomi was born here and family life now took a large part of my life. So there was less time for climbing.

My activies during this period are mostly described in my “A Better Way to Solve Problems – with Computers”, “Bush-Walking”, “Sports, Games and Running” and “Singing” webpages.

When we returned to Australia we naturally bought a house. This is our house in Epping – perhaps not an inspiring house – but quite an adequate house for our needs.

Noela was a keen walker - so we walked a lot.

Tim and me walking (This is probably at an annual Kameruka reunion.)


Me and Tim

Me and Tim (with three of my first ascents in the background – these first ascents have now been fogotten (and rightly so) – but I did do them)

Tim and me with infant Naomi

Tim and Naomi with their Teddy Bears

Our house and family later

Me learning so spin

Our family relaxing (Noela is taking the photo)

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