Economic-Growth or Free-Time

This cartoon should remind us that “Economic Growth” is not real safe. It is usually followed by a bust of some kind.

Let me first remind you that all normal societies have plenty of “free-time”. To my mind, the Egyptians spent their free-time building their pyramids. In the Middle Ages, people spent their free-time building their superb cathedrals. Also, when we are forced to, we spend our free-time fighting wars. At the moment, we are mostly spending the time, which could be our “free-time”, building larger houses or bigger cars, which simply clutter up our roads and make our life more difficult. And finally we junk up our houses by buying cheap goods from China, which we don’t need. So we all should have plenty of free-time.
From all that I have read, most societies can carry on quite happily supplying themselves with all the items they really need, by using only one-third of their available workforce. So all societies should have plenty of free-time. So what I am about to say here is nothing new.

Economic Growth has always been a bit of a balancing act.

The reason we now don’t have any free-time is because we now believe in Economic Growth. We have to believe in Economic Growth because otherwise there would not be enough work to give jobs to all the people who want them (particularly the young people). And, fortunately, Parkinson’s Law provides these jobs (Work will always expand to fill the time available). So we forget about Free Time and let our Economic Growth continue.

This is a superb cartoon.

But we have to actually remember that we belong to a physical world with finite resources. And Economic Growth forgets about these physical limitations. We have to remember those long-term problems I spoke of in my webpage: “All_Our_Problems” (Climate Change, The Rich are getting richer and the Poor are getting poorer, We are getting Obese, etc). If we all had plenty of Free Time, then we could all this Free Time to solve these problems. So, with our belief in Economic Growth, these problems remain and, in fact, they continue to get worse.

In all the many societies I have designed, I, of course, recognize this fundamental problem. So I have a rule which says that “When a person owns their fair share of the communities assets, then they can no longer work for money”. Instead of working, these people will simply have Free Time. These people can work for money again, when their daily expenses have reduced their share of their communities assets. So all the older people will have lots of spare time. And this “free time” can be used for “good works”, which will not receive money – but will receive “recognition” by the society as a whole instead. This is described in more detail in my webpage: “The Free-Time our Communities will Generate”.

It is very dangerous to dream of future wealth.

This whole problem arises because we put too great an emphasis on “money”. This wonderful world we live in was not created by us current humans. In fact our world was created over many millions of years of evolution with animals and plants interacting to form all the beautiful life forms we know to day. But we allow rich people to buy some of this land, with its flaura and flora, and then they think that they should be able to do what they like with the land, “because they have bought this land with their own money”. This concept of money goes far to far. But, unfortunately, Capitalism is based on this concept and this is only working system that is generally accepted in the world today.
          When I was young, many people actually went to church and there we were taught to think about the good of our community (as well as ourselves). Today this social conscience not longer exists. People who drive large cars and own large houses have all the status. I haven’t found anyone, who wants to fight against this trend. So I have mostly given up.

This diagram shows how a community can create a Space Colony only using people’s free-time.

Of course, in all my communities I don’t allow any of these ghastly things to happen. But I am still to find anyone to join me, accept my money and help me build a sane community. In my green communities there would be no rich people and all people would have lots of free time to build a better and more exciting world.
In the picture on the right I show how such a community could gradually form from very small beginnings. But very few people want to read the book that I am happy to give them for free. The great thing about Economic Growth is that all people still maintain their current jobs – and, in general, people don’t have to think about future. And thinking about a different kind of society is terribly hard work.
This is all described in great detail in my webpages associated with “The Ultimate Ascent” and “Green Living”.

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Updated on 29/10/2016.