Citizenship+Recognition or Money

This cartoon reminds us that life itself is a lot more important than money.

In the current world, people’s thoughts are dominated by the amount of money they have completely. I don’t think this is a healthy situation at all. Money has only been around now for about 5,000 years. But Homo Sapiens has been happily living on this planet for more than 100,000 years without money at all. During this time they have expanded to live in every corner of the Earth. So we can definitely safely say that money is not essential to our existence. (In fact in my “The Wonder Plant” novel I show how a very advanced society can develop without the use of money at all. But the society must rely Citizenship and Recognition very heavily indeed to persuade everyone to work for the common good.)

We all know that “printing” is a very dangerous activity.

The reliance on money, as the dominant motive in people’s lives, can lead to some terrible consequences. So some people can accumulate a huge amount of wealth and then use this to buy up all the land and resources of their country. So the poorer are forced to be dependent on these wealthy people for employment. And then, when these wealthy people buy up the media, the situation can become terrible. And, worse still, the wealthy can use some of the criminal classes to do their dirty work to gain further power still. As the state of the US currently shows, over concentration of wealth can develop into terribly dangerous situation.

But it is not my job to worry too much about the problems of Capitalism. My self-appointed job is to show how people can live safe and sensible lives, where all people will retain an equal opportunity to progress. But to do this I will need to use the incentives associated with Citizenship and Recognition as well.

This is my green Hamlet community of 100 people.

In my societies there will always be many hundreds of semi-independent sub-communities. So my Town-State with be made up of 62 Villages; and each village will made up of 16 Hamlets; and each Hamlet will be made of 100 people. This gives the Town-State a population 100,000 people. Of course there could lots of other ways of doing this. But I want to be able to produce some diagrams to show how this would all work out in practise. So I am forced to use some definite numbers.
          This structure allows this society to have many levels of citizenship. So a person would first gain their citizenship of their Hamlet. If they were born there, then this might be at the age of 10 when they could demonstrate that they understood how the Hamlet worked.

This is my Village community of 16 Hamlets.

A person would then go on and gain citizenship of their Village. If they were born there, then this might be at the age of 14 when they could demonstrate that they understood how the Village worked.


This my Town-Centre with its adjoining villages.

          A person would then go on and gain citizenship of their Town. If they were born there, then this might be at the age of 18 when they could demonstrate that they understood how their Town worked.
          In my calculations I never go further than consider a Town State, because this is all I need. But, if the current supernal societies agreed, then this citizenship system could be extended to the State, Nation and World. So one person could have 6 levels of citizenship.
          So each individual will could have 6 levels of citizenship, which they could either win or loose. And each of these citizenships will give greater or less places where this person can go (and enjoy the facilities there). So each person would have a good incentive to remain on good terms with the governments of each of these regions. This should be a powerful incentive for people to support the common good – the incentive to gain money could be minor in comparison with this citizenship incentive.
          My webpage: “Our Citizenship Incentive System” describes this process in more detail.

This picture shows my monetary system. It must be a little complex.

The acquisition of money is still an important incentive in my societies. The diagram on the right shows how this can work.
          Thus each of the levels of government will have its own simple banking system. But the important feature of each of these banks is that there will be a definite level of credit, which a person cannot exceed. So, when a person reaches this limit, then they can no longer work for money. Their expenses in this society will gradually reduce their credit and allow them to work again some time later. During this time, however, people will simply have lots of free time. But these societies will give all members plenty of good facilities to use this free time doing useful enjoyable activities.
My webpage: “Money and Finance” describes this in more detail.

This picture shows the individual recognition entries.

People will receive recognition for the useful work done in free time. But recognition would also be given to people who take on officer positions. In my societies everyone receives the same rate of pay. This makes the total system much simpler for everyone to understand and check. (Also the needs of all people are roughly the same.) But officers would receive recognition if they do a good job. The pictures on the right and below show how this could work. This picture shows the individual recognition entries.

I am afraid this whole subject is far too hard to understand in just the five minutes – you are probably prepared to spend on this subject at this moment. But all my books and novels cover this huge subject in far greater detail. It is best to first study the webpage: “Our Recognition Tower”.

I am sorry everything appears to be so complex. But I am proposing a very different way of living and we must consider every possible facility that will make this new system work better.

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Updated on 29/10/2015.

This is my Recognition Tower where all people can see everyone’s recognition entry.