Capitalism or Socialism

The choice of political party will always be very hard.

I completely support both Capitalism and Socialism. I basically believe in Variety – so people can see both such systems in action and then they can choose the system, which they think works best for them.
But, unfortunately in the current world, Socialism has mostly ceased to exist. I know there are political parties, which profess to support socialistic principles.                 But, if you look at these parties, their members are principally either:
1. Members of a union, who wish to keep their current jobs; 2. Teachers, of various levels, who want to keep their jobs; 3. Welfare workers of various sorts, who also want to keep their jobs. I’m not complaining about this – this is a sensible thing for these people to do. But this is not real socialism.

Fortunately primitive life is simple.

Real socialism is very simple. It should be: taxing the rich people more heavily and using this wealth to give sensible, practical jobs to the younger and poorer people of the country. In recent times this has ceased to happen – the rich people have bought up the media and they tell everyone that, if people tax the rich, then the country will go into recession. So real Socialism has ceased to exist.
          But real socialism certainly did exist when I was young in the 1950’s and 1960’s. We could all get practical jobs and we didn’t worry too much about money at all.

I’m afraid secret deals are always being made.

So why has this all happened? I’m afraid the reason is a little complex. Capitalism is a nice simple system, which everyone can understand. It simply means that everyone looks after themselves as best they can. So it is very simple system.
          But Socialism is a more complex system. It relies on people acting for the common good in a democratic manner. And, unfortunately, there is very little personal incentive for people to do this in current systems. So true socialism has fallen into disrepute. (In the 1950’s and 1960’s people still remembered that people could act for the common good, because they had had to do this to stop Hitler. But all this good socialism has now been forgotten.)

Globalisation does not lead to a safe world.

In the societies I am proposing, I overcome this problem by having much tighter rules about: meeting attendance; visibility; and voting. Then all people do have a clear incentive to act for the common good. This will be discussed more in my next webpage: “Citizenship+Recognition_or_Money“.

I will finally give my solutions in my webpage: There_are_Two_Very_Different_Solutions“.

What is risky to mankind as a whole is not necessarily risky to some older rich people.

In this webpage I appear to be supporting the “Common Good” (Socialism) over Personal Incentive (Capitalism). But this is not the case as regards Education or Welfare. In my societies I make sure that all people have plenty of money to obtain whatever Education or Welfare they require. But then the level of education or welfare they wish to acquire is completely up to them, because they will pay for it themselves. I think that every person should make these decisions for themselves. Only the people themselves can know whether they want to learn more or receive some welfare at any point in time. These are decisions are best left to the person themselves, who really knows their current state.

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Updated on 16/11/2015.