Bryden’s Inventions

I have a very fertile imagination. So ideas are always popping into my head about how the world could become a better place. But ideas are useless, unless you create something concrete out of them. And of the 10 ideas I put forward here, only 5 have been used in practise. (And of these 5 concepts, 3 have only been used by me.) So I am not really a great inventor. But one of the purposes of this website is to persuade more people to think about these ideas of mine. So this why these inventions are here as web pages..
The sequence of these ideas is roughly in terms of how important they are.

1)          Quarter Calendar
As you can see from the picture, this idea is to present a yearly calendar where the weeks and quarters can be seen more clearly. This makes the calendar easier to use for brief reminders and for seeing, at a glance, what has happened in the past e.g. to see when did you last payed a visit a friend of yours.
But this calendar also has many other benefits. These extra benefits are described – and the calendar can be obtained from my “Quarter Calendar” web page. (Or from me personally with magnets attached etc.)

2)          Simple Terrace Homes
This is by far my most important invention. But it will take me awhile to explain why this item is so very important.
In the current world, our home is financially the most important item in our lives. But I say that the assurance of an adequate food supply source ought to be the most important item of our lives. Now in my Green Living book, I show how a community can grow all their own food and so the community’s food-supplies will be assured. But this operation will not be cheap.
Now I assume a person can expect to spend $200,000 on all their capital assets. (At present the average assets is $400,000 per person in Australia.) Now I want to spend $150,000 on land, water, energy and community buildings per person. This means I only have $50,000 left to spend on individual accommodation. Thus I need to provide my community with a simple, adequate, flexible, sustainable form of accommodation, which the community can build themselves, for this price.
My solution is described in my “Simple Terrace Homes” webpage. But it described with good pictures in my “Our Homes” webpage.
This invention is so important because this simple system allows a self-sufficient community to become a financially viable reality.

3)          Carrot Bolt Belay System
This has been the most useful item I have invented. Many people have used this system for more than 40 years and it has probably saved many lives.
But my system has now been replaced by a glue-in ring-bolt system. This new system is safer and easier to use. There can be circumstances when my system would still be better (e.g. when power drills are banned, or when a person needs to put a bolt in on lead). But in NSW these circumstances now rarely occur.
The details of my bolting system are given in my “Carrot Bolt Belay System”.

4)          A New Easy-to-Use Bedding-Package System
People have been making beds for many thousands of years. So it would seem rather unlikely that anyone could come up with a better new system now.
But recently circumstances have changed. Thus Velcro has been invented and this can be a very good simple means of attachment. And I have had a particular incentive to work on this problem, because, in a wheel chair, tucking the sheets on the wall side can be very awkward indeed. So I have invented a new system.
But this system must be quite complex, because single beds, double beds and camping beds all require quite different forms of solution.
Please click on “A New Easy-to-Use Bedding-Package System” if you are interested. (I have personally now used this new bedding system for 12 years. Making a bed is now much easier for me.)

5)          A High 3-rope Swing
This was my first invention, which I made at the age of 16. The idea is quite subtle and it was quite hard to implement my idea. I am excessively proud of this achievement.
Please click on “A High 3-rope Swing” for more details.

My bench with my entire cooking gear.

6)          Easy Compact Home Living
As a paraplegic I can do all the normal household tasks by myself – i.e. cooking, cleaning, dusting, washing, fixing etc. But all these tasks now take 2 or 3 times as long to do as before. Thus I had a great incentive to work out a more efficient solution.
This is my solution. I now spend less time on these daily tasks than I did when I was fully able. And my solution also saves me a huge amount of money. You will find my solution quite surprising.
Please click on “Easy Compact Home Living” for the details.

7)          Into Space using Accelerator Tubes
When we wish to start travelling around space on a more regular basis, then the use of rockets will not be possible. We won’t be able to afford wasting our precious materials in space as rocket fuel. This complex system shows how travel will instead be possible by using accelerator tubes.

I include this diagram here because I am sure no one will ever read this book of mine.

This system is described in chapter 4 of my “Society of Choice – book(pdf).

8)          A Rough-Terrain, Construction Monster

When a person has to move around in a wheelchair, then they quickly learn about the limitations of wheels. In rough terrain, legs are far more flexible than wheels.

I think that this is a fun idea.

This invention is to build a very large walking monster. The body of the monster would have accommodation for perhaps several hundred-construction workers in a rectangular form. This body would be supported at its four corners by huge telescopic legs. So the whole monster could walk. When stationary, the body would support a variety of cranes beneath it for lifting the materials and the objects associated with construction. Such monsters would be very useful when making new roads in rough terrain.

This monster is described in chapter 17 of my “Society of Choice – book(pdf).

 9)          The Lost Chord
During my time at Sydney University (doing my PhD), I took an interest in the difference between the natural and the equi-tempered scales. This interest made me a firm supporter of the natural scale. So I changed my ukulele from the equi-tempered scale to the natural scale (not the easiest of operations because you need a separate fret-board for each key). Later my thoughts returned to this same subject and I then realized that the natural scale could be extended to include what I call “the lost chord”.
Please click on “The Lost Chord” to find out what this weird idea is all about.

10)          More Efficient Road Systems
Early on in my life I took an interest in general transportation systems. This is my solution to some of these road problems.

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