Ashfield – 2000-2014

Ashfield, Sydney (age 60 – )

Finally I broke my back in a climbing accident. Eventually I bought a good flat in Ashfield. But my great physical fun life was now over. All I can now do is write – which I have always considered to be strictly work. But I still have my fun. I think out my story plots, where I imagine myself to be a gallant female (in rather suspect situations). I spend many, many happy hours reworking these plots to make the scenes to be as sexy as possible. I still get my perverse pleasures.

My activities at the start of this period are descibed in my webpages “My Accident”, “A Time of Suffering” and “Dealing with the Problems of Paraplegia”. But this whole website has been written during this complete period. So I have been quite busy. Thus all the webpages and books associated with “Green Living”, “A Special Period to stop Climate Change”, “Political Fundamentals”, “The Ultimate Ascent” and “My Novels” have been written during this period. And many of these works refer to my experiences during this time.

After my accident I first spent a month at St Austens in Melbourne – and then I spent a month at the Prince of Wales. But the most pleasant time was the time I spent the Prince Henry hospital. This photo shows some of us patients and some of the staff here. I have very pleasant memories of this time.

This photo (and the following) shows me at Naomi’s house with family members.

This is an early photo. These days I manage to avoid using a leg-bag.

This photo shows the new flat I bought in Ashfield. (My flat is on the bottom level – second from the right.) Ashfield mall is just opposite. So this is a very convenient place for me to live.

This photo shows members of my family gathered in my room.

This is a party of friends and relations I organised in Ashfield park. The slightly darker couple with their baby are a Nepali couple who rented the rest of my flat for a period of time. I am very proud of the fact that my flat has welcomed 4 babies into this world. I love hearing the various babies activities.

Another photo of the same group.

Jon Leicester climbing a tree. Jon (a doctor) was the first person to reach me after my fall. So I was well looked after.

This photo shows me playing to a crowd in Ashfield mall. In these early days of my playing, my melodean repertoire still needed to be worked on.

Reynold doing some yoga. Reynold was my chief climbing partner during the last 5 years of my climbing career.

Me doing some stretching on my bed (I do a lot of this now)

One Christmas I organised a group to come round and do some carol singing in my flat.

Me and Emily

David in my wheelchair. David rapidly became better in my wheelchair than I ever managed.

A gathering of various family children

John and Jill are my oldest climbing friends. We met at Oxford in 1965. I played GO with John a lot and I refer to him in this website several times.

Me at Tim and Em's wedding

Me with Emily and David at the wedding

Tricia and Vinie

Naomi with her 3 children

Naomi and family

Several time I organised my family to go climbing together at a climbing gym. On the right is Peter Riddy who is also an old friend from Oxford.

For 6 happy months I kept these 5 chooks in my flat’s back garden in Ashfield. They kept us in eggs for this period.

Twice a year I try to get my whole extended family to go to a Ashfield Musical Society performance. From the left, this photo shows: Emily, David, Brendan, Rebecca, Margaret, Clabon, Darren, Naomi and Stephen.

Emily, Clabon and Margaret

Emily looking at her best

The whole family group again

I mentioned previously that my flat has welcomed 4 new people into this world (from my tenants). Nashwan is on my right and Shami with a new baby is on my left.

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