This is what I now look like.

This picture shows some of my previous activities.

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My Climbing”.
This is an item about my climbing in general.

My 3 Famous Big First Ascents”.
This item is about my 3 major ascents.

First Ascent of the Face of Bluff Mountain”,
The pictures on the right show this major ascent. And there is a photo of me and John, who made this ascent.

First Ascent of the Face of Frenchman’s Cap”,
The pictures on the right show this ascent. And then there this a photo of me and Jack who made the ascent.

First Ascent of Ball’s Pyramid”,
The pictures on the right show this ascent. And then there is a photo of me and the party who made this ascent.

Illegal Ascent of Sydney Central Railway Clock-Tower”,
This picture shows our ascent of Rail-way clock-tower. We almost got caught because the falling rope made a noise arnd roused the guards.

Illegal Ascent of Sydney Town Hall + Clock-Tower
You must click on the item to read the item. The picture is on the far right.

Illegal Direct Ascent of Sydney Harbour Bridge
You must click on the item to read article. It is a great climb.

Illegal Ascent of the Land’s Department + Clock-Tower
You must click on the item to read the article. The picture is on the far right.

Illegal Ascent of Centre Point
This was a very complex ascent. You must click on the item to read all
about it. The ascent took several days.

These are all my general items.
First Ascent of Sweet Dreams”, “My Exploits in the Warrumbungles”. “Original Climbing Guide to NSW”, The Rock-Climbs of NSW, 1963 – book(pdf). “Four Deaths on the Crags”, “Climbing Days at Lindfield“, “A Proposal for a New NSW Climbers Club“, “Our Ascent of Ginsberg on_Bluff Mountain“, “The Original Ascent of Mt Banks“, “My Ascent of Toyland“.

Here are some simpler webpages that deal with political issues: “All Our Problems“, “Self-Sufficiency or Globalism“, “Officers or A-Leader“, “Economic-Growth or Free-Time“, “Capitalism or Socialism“, “Citizenship+Recognition or Money“, “Selfish or A-Saint“, “What is The-Law“, “There are Two Very Different Solutions“.

             “Bryden’s Inventions”.
Quarter Calendar”, “Simple Terrace Homes”, “Carrot Bolt Belay System”,  “A High 3-rope Swing”, “Easy Compact Home Living”, “The Lost Chord”, “More Efficient Road Systems”.
A New Easy-to-Use Bedding-Package System”.

             “My Life”.
My Cards”, “My Dreams”, “My Dad”.
A Better Way to Solve Problems – with Computers”, “Academic Activities”.
Scouting”, “Bush-Walking”, “Sports, Games and Running”, “Singing”, “Dancing”, “The Running Set”, “Musical Activities”, “My Books“, “Philosophy, Beliefs and Purpose of Life”.
My Accident”, “A Time of Suffering”, “Dealing with the Problems of Paraplegia”, “My Advice to Young People”, “Forming a Website like this“.
             “Family Photos”,
Mt Stromlo – 1940-1951“, “Mill Hill – 1952-1961“, “Stanmore – 1962-1965“, “Oxford – 1965-1967“, “Epping – 1968-1975“, “Glebe – 1975-1982“, “Sheffield – 1983-1985“, “Stanmore – 1986-1999“, “Ashfield – 2000-2016“.

These are the front covers of all my 22 books.

Society of Choice(pdf)

This was a huge undertaking. I spent 15 years working on this book. Finally the book was 216,000 woads long. But no one would read it.
I had tried to take the current world and make it fair to all people. But the current world is very complex. So the book was very long. And then no one would read the book.
So I had to try form a much simpler society. 

 “Creating A New Language(pdf)

This is also a terribly difficult subject.    I worked on this subject for about a year. And then I gave up. But then I broke my back in a climbing accident and so I now was to live in a wheel-chair for the rest of my life.
But, when I got my life in order again, I returned to the problem. And then I decided that my symbols were correct. So I worked out a new simple language, which all people could understand easiy. Please look at it.

Green Living(pdf)

This is a huge book. It is 170 large A4 pages long and it has all the details of this very large project.
But you don’t need to read this book now. My major book “Forming Just Communities” is the best book to read. And this is at the end of these books.

A Path To Create A Space Colony(pdf)

This is a very difficult book. I have always always been very interested in us all going out and living out in space.       But not many people share this interest of mine. The book is only 64 A4 pages long. So click on it, if you are interested in the subject.

Forming Green Communities(pdf)

This book is the book I wrote before I wrote my major book, which is “Forming Just Communties”. So this book is a bit too complex. It is also 64 A4 pages long.

A Special Period To Stop Climate Change(pdf)

This is a very important book of mine. It is 150 A4 pages long and it tells the world how we can reasonably easily stop our world from getting too warm. In the book I show in detail how the 3 relevant graphs all correspond with each other. So it is a very important book.    

Please read the book.

Corbenic College(pdf)

This is the first of my novels. The novel tells how a college can form to stop Climate Change. I like the story.

But my later stories about canyoning and climbing could be more interesting than this novel.

Forming A Small Self-Sufficient Community(pdf)

This is a better novel to read first because the book is more realistic. The novel deals with the small community starting up down in the Megalong valley.
The novel also deals with the difficult problems of how the community should be run.

 “Barry & Gwen(pdf)

This is my favourite novel. The first three chapters are about canyoning. And then there are lots pictures of canyoning. And then the two main characters, Barry and Gwen, have a love/hate relationship with each other.

It is great novel.

Sandstone and Clock-Towers(pdf)

This novel is all about climbing – so I know the subject very well. And there are 2 c
hapters on illegal building climbing in the city. (The Town Hall and the Harbour Bridge.)
    Please read the novel. The main character, Mary has several dangerous affairs.  

The Wonder Plant(pdf)

In this novel the world develops a Wonder Plant, which can think for itself. This Plant takes 20 years to develop. But then these 
creatures revolt. And most of us humans are destroyed.
But then we have to fight back and start to regain our lands again. It is a good novel because it shows we can live without cars or houses at all.

Our Wonderful Future World(pdf)

This is a very difficult novel indeed. This novel is about life in the future in a 1,000 years time. And then most people are living is space. But life in space can become very boring. 
So some people start to eat each other on special occasions. So life becomes a challenge again.
But I can’t recommend that you read this novel. It is a difficult novel.

A Simple Love Story(pdf)

This is a much shorter story – the story is only 44 pages long. And it is about my life on the edge of London, which I know very well. And many people have read and enjoyed this story very much.
So please read this little story of mine. 

My Indian Interlude(pdf)

This another story of mine, which is mostly set in India. This front cover should give you an idea of what this novel is about. So the Mountain, the Big Dam and the Village will feature a lot in the novel.
     But Mary, the narrator, will live will live in the Big House. So this house must feature in this story as well..

 “Piddo and the Bungles(pdf)

This novel is all about climbing in the 1960’s, when I was single and climbing a lot. So I know the life we led very well.
     The picture on the front cover will give you a very good idea about the climbing scene in those days. As you can see, John Ewbank was very active during this period. And we all slept next to each other in caves. So it was a fun scene.
    In this novel I usually manage to put in a relevant climbing picture on every page.

 “Forming Simple Communities(pdf)

This is my latest novel. The novel is not quite finished yet and I haven’t put in all the pictures in the text yet. The text is all written. But it should be finished in about 2 weeks time.

Glorious Ambitions

This book is my Autobiography. It is a large book because I have done a very large number of things over my long 81 years. So please read the book.
But just read the bits of this book which you enjoy. And skip then miss out the stuff you  aren’t interested in.
In the current world Capitalism rules supreme. But this means, young people are are finding it hard to get jobs. I deal with this problem a lot in this book, because I myself have lost my job many time. (Inspite of the fact that I have a PhD.)

 “Important Conflicts(pdf)

This book deals with the problem that some times the good ideals, which we support, are in conflict with each other.
     This little book deals with these difficult problems. The book is only 32 pages long. And there are relevant pictures on every page.
So please have a little look at what I have to say about these difficult situations.

Eight Items(pdf)

These 8 items are.
1. Where are we going?
2. John Ewbank and Myself
3. My Favourite Poems
4. My Will
5. Messages in my Head
6.Truth, Love, Peace and Love.
7. We are all Motivated by Self-Interest.
8. Communal Houses
The pictures can tell you more about the book.

Solving All Our Problems(pdf)

The most important problem, which this book deals with, is the first.
This is “Remembering a Good Period (from !955 to 1975)”
I myself know this period very well because I was young then and I knew the situation very well indeed. In those days, we didn’t worry about work because everyone could get a job.
But then the situation changed and then it became harder to get a job. This what this little book of 96 pages is all about.

My Friends and Relationships(pdf)

I like this little book very much indeed.              In this book, I tell the world all the things I should have done – rather than what I actually did.
     So I have always been rather timid with girls. In the book I tell the world how I should have acted.
And in the book I tell the world how I would have acted if I had been born female.
     I think it is a wonderful little book. And it is only 76 pages long and there is a good picture on every page.

Forming Just Communities(pdf)

This is by far the most important book that I have written. It is 168 pages long. The front cover tells a lot about the book.
The picture on the top left shows our housing, which is very flexible and easy to build.
Then the next picture shows how a 100 people can be fully self-sufficient in food water and recycling.
Then the next picture shows how 20 Hamlets can go 
around a village centre and so form a village community of 2,000 people. And you can see that they still have room to have their own little wildlife park,
And finally at the bottom you can see how 50 villages could cluster around a large town-centre to form a full Town-State of 100,000 people. And then the picture on the left shows how the little electric cars can run on the undeground red lines in the Town-State. And so all people could get to all the buildings in the Town-Centre in less than 10 minutes.

You can contact me in all the usual ways: My address is: 7/5 Knox St, Ashfield, 2131.
My phone no is Tel. 0412 871 544        My Email is
To get this site,                just Google                  bryden allen
You can always see (and hear) me performing in the Ashfield Town-hall forecourt every Saturday morning between 11. and 11.30 am. on
And, on most afternoons at about 3. o-clock. you can talk to me, when I wheel myself up the foot path next to the main road outside Ahfield Mall. So you can see me very easily and then I can give all the books I have written.
I am also on Facebook and I put a items on these subjects on most days. I will certainly make you a friend if you contact me. I am also called bryden allen there.
    Please help me to circulate this message of “equality of opportunity” to this current world, where people are not treated equally.

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